RAVEing about Vegas

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It’s hot here in Texas, too hot. Average high this week: 103F. Do I need to convert that to centigrade for everyone to understand how hot it is? I think not. On top of the high temps, our annual intake of Saharan Sands just arrived. Beautiful sunsets (Not up early enough to see the sunrises, but I’m told they’re beautiful, too), but also sneezy times full of lots of coughing. In case there are any doubts, I’m inside and not budging outdoors.  

I’m making daily offerings to the electric gods to make sure the air conditioner stays on. I live in Texas, which is proud of its very own power grid unconnected with any other in the US. When the Texas grid fails, we’re expected to vacation in Cancún. (According to our Senator.)

Anyway, I’ve packed my bags – just in case.

Speaking of packed bags, I’m off to Las Vegas in November! Banner here Once again, I’m venturing to the annual 20Books conference. I learned so much last time, that I’m taking the plunge for a second visit, but this time, I’m part of the RAVE: The Reader & Author Vegas Event.

If you’re in Vegas during this time, drop in and visit. I’ll be reading and signing this year. So excited! So nervous. Would love to see you.   Whether or not you’re attending the RAVE, check out the Facebook group to visit with all the authors and their books.

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