Sweet Words and Sweet Lattes

It started out as many Saturday afternoons did with a latte at a lovely, local coffee shop to ponder words with fellow word smiths. However, this was not an unusual day, with the usual word smith and usual lattes.

First treat: A lovely concoction featuring a special syrup of bourbon and pecans. Can you say, “Texas latte”?

Second treat – (See image on top of page) although by far the best and longest lasting, a gift from one of my favorite old curmudgeons: A signed copy of Anyway the Wind Blows. (Maybe the author’s not such a curmudgeon after all. Just don’t tell him I said that.)

To make the afternoon even better, the microphone on the stage opened up to the poets in the house, and my afternoon filled with the flow of words and songs. (Long sigh here.) The best part of the afternoon: Hearing Bill R read a few of his poems. 

It’s been two weeks, and I’m still reading the book. Good poems require time and thought. A sign of a good book of poetry: I read a poem or two each day, contemplate, meditate, and imagine the words. 

For those who enjoy a little quiet time with words that make you think, ponder, and wonder at the world; I recommend Bill Reynolds’ new book of poetry, Any Way the Wind Blows.

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