Completed the 5-Day Amazon Ad Challenge

The other side of authoring – marketing.

Took Bryan Cohen’s 5 Day Amazon Ad Challenge to learn as much as I could about running book ads on Amazon without paying for the full course he offers. I learned lots, and I’m running ads.  I am not making any money, but that’s okay. Everything I’ve read says to give it time. Still –

Let me start off saying that I love Amazon. I need anything from a new pencil to a new water filter, to a new baking pan, I click into Amazon and the next day it’s on my doorstep. That being said, I’ve never imagined making much money selling books on Amazon. Let’s face it, thousands of books are loaded into Amazon every day and listed for sale. Amazon makes a cut of every book sold on Amazon, and it’s only right they do. They’re doing all the work housing and enabling people to purchase and download my books. Now, I’m supposed to pay them to advertise, too?  How much money am I giving to Amazon?

Still, it’s worth testing out. 

If you’re interested in running book ads on Amazon, Bryan offers a course(s) that I’ve heard plenty of good things about. When my collection Midnight Whispers books are complete, I may enroll in the course. (Fingers crosses I’m making a little money before then to pay for the course.) His free course provided the basics for running ads, and his ability to convey what I once thought of as complex and nonsensical, makes me feel like I, too, can run ads like the pros (almost).

Hopefully, I’ll have something positive to report next time I check in. 

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