Writing projects for 2020

Cover of Midnight in Line and Form part 2

I’ve narrowed down the big writing projects for 2020 – sort of. Since I’m terrible about over committing myself, I’m keeping my options open. 

Midnight in Line and Form part 2:

Yes, this is in release mode. (There is one on my calendar, but I’m not sharing – yet.) Meant to get it out in December, but I needed time to heal, and I’m glad I did.

Midnight Bites (working title):

This novel “completes” the Midnight Whispers series. That being said, I’m leaving the ending open as I like several characters. It’s 90% roughed out.

That leaves one more book. I have two in process, but I’m torn on which one to complete. What do you think based on theses descriptions?

Dreams of Xolotl (working title – it will do for now):

Sissy loves her little dog more than anything in the world, and the little dog loves Sissy. Only Sissy and Great Grandmother know how the love of a little dog creates so much power and only costs a little blood.

The Goblin Twins (working title):

The twins, Erin and Erika Goblin, know they’re special but don’t how special until their fifteenth birthday deals them and the city of Las Vegas with more than a bad hand. Creatures from the Night World flood the family casino with dark magic forcing them and their body guard into hiding. The twins learn how much alike and different they are while securing their futures and bringing peace back to the Day World.

Published by L.K. Latham

Author of dark, speculative fiction.

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