Book Marketing: I’m classifying it as a necessary evil. Well, I’ll classify it as such untill I make my million dollars by hitting the bestseller list. Hahahahahha (Yes, you can laugh just as hard as I am.) 

There are so many folks out there teaching their “the right way” to market books, my head is spinning and spinning and spinning. Book marketing is the “necessary evil” of publishing.  I’ll keep researching and practicing them, one plan at a time, and let you know what works  – for me. Maybe it will help you.  Amazon Ads are not working, but I’m not giving up. I will give them the old “college try.” (Sorry, Bill.)  I’m adding more ads and have been running enough to dissect them.

I’m also learning lots about newsletters. In the process, I’ve run across a question. Since I found out how to do surveys and pols here in WordPress, I’d like to try it out with you.  Appreciate your help. 

Do you subscribe to an author’s newsletter?

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2 thoughts on “Newsletters?

  1. I do subscribe to a friend’s newsletter, but her purpose is to market her skills as a writing coach, not so much her books. I don’t think she self publishes. Much of what I say comes from her and other writers. I see your ‘college try’ to be at the post graduate level. I also like how Jill Shalvis uses Facebook to market her books (not trying to add to your marketer burden). Hang in there.

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