April Challenges

April thought it would sneak up on me, but last night I discovered it’s only a two week’s away. 2020 has NOT been kind to me, but I intend to make all the April Challenges and turn things around. I completed last year’s April writing challenges, and I intend again. 

Camp NaNoWriMo

This is a modified version of NaNoWriMo or National Novel Writing Month. I’ve set the word count at 5,600 and titled my entry: The Tales of Balder the Bartending Bard. This is the same entry I am using for the Blogging A-Z Challenge.

Blogging from A to Z April Challenge:

The Tales of Balder the Bartending Bard

My plan is to write an epic. Last year, I started this project and wrote sections as prose poems (thus they also qualified for the NaPoWriMo challenge), but halfway through, I realized I was missing the overall arch of the story, and sometimes the individual tales came out a little muddy. So this year, I’m taking the various stories and putting them into flash/short fiction stories. I’m hoping my brain will link these together, forming the overall story arch. Once that’s done, then I will turn it into an epic. 



My Balder project will cover Camp NaNoWriMo and Blogging A-Z as they did 2019, but it won’t cover NaPoWriMo. Instead, I will continue my study in poetic forms, but concentrate on lyrical poetry. This includes the sonnet in all its forms. For a subject, I’m uncertain. I may use a daily prompt, or I may tie them to my Balder project. I better decide soon.

Lots of work to prep. Peace

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  1. All the best! April challenge alone looks like a mammoth task to me & here you are ispiring people by taking up multiple challenges at one go! Look forward to your Ato Z entries.

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