Getting Ready for April

Update on Amazon Sales: I’ve changed the book description. Does this sound like a dark, speculative fiction book?

Who wants to live forever? Kitten Carlyle doesn’t. She allows the tumor in her head to grow unchecked. Even Harry Reign has decided five hundred years is too old to live, but when they meet, everything changes. Just not for the reasons everyone expected. As long as Harry lives, Mary Midnight won’t interfere, even as Austin teeters on the verge of war between Hunters and the Undead. This leaves the vampires running the city in a quandary: Flee or Fight? 

Perhaps the fairy tales Harry paints explain what’s happening. Perhaps Mary Midnight whispers the answers over the airwaves. One way or another, death is coming to Austin.

I’ve also re-released the few ads showing click-throughs. 

At long last, I released Midnight in Line and Form Part 2. By my next entry here, it will have been approved at all the stores, and I’ll have links to it. I thought I would never publish. It’s been one thing after another since October. I’m crossing my fingers that life will settle down soon – which it will as soon as we get this darn virus under control.

Now, I’m prepping for April. Notes are organized, and drafting is underway. I want to get the first few entries roughed out to give myself a strong start. Yesterday, I found definitions for ELEVEN different sonnet forms. What a challenge I set for myself! 

Until next time, stay safe and healthy.


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