An Arctic Adventure

My plan was to hold off sharing my pics from my polar bear trip until I had all pictures edited, but I can’t. Just look how pretty the sunrise was on my first day in Churchill (header picture)  I’m not a morning person, but even I enjoyed this lovely sunrise.

First thing to know about visiting the arctic, it’s cold. This is me on day 1.

Our first full day out: no sooner did the driver ask if we were ready for a coffee/tea break, then we see these guys playing around. And yes, they are playing – not fighting.

Next thing I knew, this guy popped up wanting his tea.

Later in the day, this guy came around to check us out.

FYI: This is just like the rover I was in. It was comfortable and amazingly roomy for spending a day watching polar bears.

Spent lots of time on the back “patio” of the rover. It was the best place for photos. Despite the angle, the woman’s hand on the rail is at least two feet over the bear’s head.

On the day we left, we woke to a blizzard. The wind blew so hard, we had to take pictures from the door of the bus as we took a last tour of Churchill, thus this was my only picture of an Inukshuk. There were awesome! (Yes, it was as cold as it looks.)

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  1. Whoa, what an interesting trip you went on. Looks like you had a blast. And polar bears look so cute, until I remember they’ll eat you in a second because they’re very much carnivores in a place where food is scarce. Nice pics!

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