A Notebook

RLS on notebooks

My motto for 2023: “Always have a notebook and pen at hand.” 

I developed the habit in 2022 of keeping a notebook in my backpack for those times of sudden inspiration, but I didn’t carry the backpack with me all the time.So many writers I know keep a notebook handy, so it seemed like a good idea.

For a long time, I thought it was silly to keep a notebook when I have always had my phone with me. After all, I can take notes on the phone, and that’s always with me. Notes go to the cloud, so when I’m back at either my tablet or computer, my notes are right there. So, why do I need a notebook to write in?

And then I tried it. N notes I wrote on my phone were short, sweet notes that helped me remember what I wanted to say. And then I wrote out notes in a notebook: I wrote complete sentences – often poetic. These were much more useful than phone notes. 

The biggest problem with handwriting notes? My handwriting. It was never good and over the years, it’s gotten worse. So, I have to get to my tablet as soon as I get home, or I can’t make out what I wrote. Should I complain about this? Nope! I find I write even more when I get home.

Now, to making sure my notebook is always with me. There’s the rub.

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3 thoughts on “A Notebook”

  1. I’m the other way round. I’m a sucker for pen and paper, yes, and I do try to keep them handy when I’m at home. But it’s just not practical for when I’m out and about. Which is why most of my writing ideas are stored in my Obsidian app (or Apple Notes). My pockets look bulky with a notebook and pen in them too.

  2. Agree with the above. I almost never carry a purse anymore, so an actual notebook and pen is difficult. I use Keep on my phone. Not very organized (and that’s on me!) but at least they are there.

  3. That’s a great distinction between a notebook and phone for note taking. I often end up writing on the backs of scraps of paper and then I lose them, or it’s just not enough information. I should stick a notebook in my car today… and a pen!

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