Change in the Air

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We all face situations which cause our beautiful, well-laid plans with our lovely candy-colored schedules to crumble. Disappointment at not making self-imposed deadlines doesn’t decline with time. Frustration at missing interactions with friends and family doesn’t melt away. These things happen no matter how “zen” we claim to be. What does change, what we can do when disappointment and frustration tears at our guts, is move on.

Spring is the time nature reminds us to move forward. The first week of February brought so much ice, we couldn’t leave the house, but not because of our front door freezing shut. The old Live Oak tree in our front yard bent her limbs gracefully as ice coated her leaves. I stepped out of our front door and found myself in a protective dome, surrounded by sunlight glittering and dancing in the ice. As frightening as it was to see so much ice (and it is frightening, especially living in this part of Texas where freezing is rare), I couldn’t be afraid. Last week, I stepped outside to see my neighbor’s Red Bed tree in full bloom. The bright pinks against the blue sky were blinding. 

It was like walking into a fantasy world.
My neighbor’s RedBud welcoming in Spring.

No matter what your plans are for today and tomorrow, I hope the change in seas reminds you, too, that change is always coming, and there may be some good in it. All we have to do is look.


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