Continuing with my own NaPoWriMo

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Didn’t even come close to writing a poem a day during April’s National Poetry Writing Month. I am, however, still reading my Poem-a-Day from, AND I’m still finding time to write poetry every day. Since writing more poetry was my intention for participating in NaPoWriMo, I’m claiming success. 

The best part about reading a poem each day is the time it lets me just think. I like to read a poem before a yoga session or a walk outside. A little time each day to quiet the mind and think is delightful. 

As my last illness faded, I got back to my poetry.

Wild flowers snap into bloom.
Breezes cool, sun warms.
Then the fog drifts in. 
Shoulders ache.
Seed in the feeder, birds sing,
What? Cotten in the ears.

Aching spreads to the head.
Sleep, just a little longer,
The aches remain.

Breath thick and sticky.
Ribs sore from hacking.
Wait, same thing, again.

Wait, drugs lift the fog,
Stop the ache, dissipates soreness. 
Sweet breezes still cool, 
Sun remains warm.

Another Spring.
Another journey delayed.
Wait, words will flow again.
Enjoy these shorts, the beginnings of Mary Midnight
cover of Midnight Victories book
The first time humans heard Mary Midnight, was on a small radio station in Galveston, Texas.
Cover of Midnight in Line and Form book
The streets are often are safe to walk, as long as you listen to the whispers blowing on the breeze at midnight.
Cover of Midnight Bites book
Some monsters should never walk the streets.

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  1. Excellent, Kathrine.
    I find that reading (some) poetry breaks down many psychological and physical barriers and allows me to move forward with life. I’ve not written since April 30th. Soon. 🙂

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