Just back from a long Mother’s Day weekend, and what a weekend! We can only make the trip once a year, so we have to pack the weekend with a full year of catching up and loving. It was as exhausting as it was fun. Luck was on my side when my partner and I merged families. 

When not listening and talking to family, I’m enjoying the desert. If you’ve ever been in any state that hugs the Gulf of Mexico, you understand what a contrast the desert is. When we left, it was so humid; it felt like I was swimming at the airport. Once off the plane, bang! I needed water, lots and lots of water.

Of course, every trip to the desert provides me a chance to sit in awe (much too hot to move around much) at the beautiful colors of the desert. 

Cactus flower in bloom in front of tall cactus with floral crown and bird.
Towering over me almost everywhere I went, cactus. I swear, some of these were taller than the trees in my yard at home.
Cactus in full bloom. White flower with pink and purple flowers
Whoever says the desert was bland has never experienced the vibrant colors of Spring in the desert.
Slice of cake covered with dried flowers sitting in lemon curd.
And let’s not forget bringing a little of the desert color to desert. Yum!
Banner link to site for book fair titled, Flights of Fantasy.
Enjoy these shorts, the beginnings of Mary Midnight
cover of Midnight Victories book
The first time humans heard Mary Midnight, was on a small radio station in Galveston, Texas.
Cover of Midnight in Line and Form book
The streets are often are safe to walk, as long as you listen to the whispers blowing on the breeze at midnight.
Cover of Midnight Bites book
Some monsters should never walk the streets.

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