So Close!

Ever been so close to the end of a project you can taste it? That’s me with Midnight in the Wilds (formerly Midnight Goblins). I’m so close but, but there’s still so much to do: I want to scream. I won’t. The project is still on for release in early November. Not giving you an exact date yet, as I tend to always find one more thing that needs to be done.

While my mind is deep into Midnight in the Wilds, let me share more authors attending RAVE 2023.

If you’re in Vegas during this time, drop in and visit. I’ll be reading and signing this year.    Whether or not you’re attending the RAVE, check out the Facebook group to visit with all the authors and their books.

Looking for your next read?

Find my books at most booksellers:

Cover of Voices of Midnight book
cover of Midnight Victories book
Cover of Midnight in Line and Form book
Cover of Midnight Bites book

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