A little rain, please

Never thought I’d look at a weather forecast and hope a hurricane would move just a little closer my way. 

Although I no longer live on Galveston Island, I still give heed to tropical storm and hurricane notices for the Gulf Coast. It is fascinating to watch maelstroms and bedlams whipped up and thrown onto our shores by the seas. The more I learn about storms, the scarier they become. So I held my breath as Hilary slammed into the west coast of the US and Mexico this week, and this morning I yelled, “ouch,” when I saw Harold landing in Texas and Mexico. 

And yet, it’s so dry and hot. A part of me wanted just a little of the torrent of rain and wind to blow through the area. Just a little rain? Just enough of a breeze to drop the temps a few degrees? Is that too much to ask for?

Of course, I worry for everyone in the way of Hilary and Harold. They will not enjoy the rain or wind. There was a wee bit of cloud cover this morning to prevent our usual 100+ temps. We only made it to 100 today. (That’s too hot whether you use Fahrenheit or Celsius.)

My thoughts are with those in these storm’s paths. I hope they make stay safe and dry. In the meantime, I’m still hoping for just a bit of rain.

While my mind is deep into Midnight Wilds, let me share more authors attending RAVE 2023.

If you’re in Vegas during this time, drop in and visit. I’ll be reading and signing this year.    Whether or not you’re attending the RAVE, check out the Facebook group to visit with all the authors and their books.

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