No more heat!

The poor folks stuck at the Burning Man Festival are finally on their way home, and I don’t want to add to their misery. So no mention of Global Warming and how HOT it is here. 

Once upon a time, I would leave of the house once or twice a month to refresh the body by moving in new ways; refresh the mind with artful contemplation; refresh the creative center with new ideas.

AND THEN, that which we shall not name, happened, and I was stuck inside the house for what seemed like forever. Long story short: I’m doing it again. I went to see Seeing the Invisible at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center.

Check out Seeing the Invisible:

I’ve been wanting to see it since it arrived in Austin, but I did this and did that and before I knew it, I read it was about to leave town. So, off I went. 

Well worth the trip. If it is in your area or heading to your area, check it out. The results for you will be different wherever you see it.

Here’s the concept for the exhibit: an art exhibit with minimal carbon foot print. I always enjoy visiting the Ladybird Wildflower Center, although not so much when there are no cool and pleasant breezes. (Notice what I did there? I didn’t use the H word.) So exploring the grounds to locate the beacons to see the art exhibits was half the enjoyment. Each piece grew out of the ground and the surrounding flora. 

I would have enjoyed it more if I’d had my iPad, but it was too – you know – to carry anything more than my phone and a bottle of water. Seeing the art through the app on my phone was still worthwhile. Can’t wait for the day when the virtual sculptures can appear without having to see them through an app. 


See what I did there? I just made you forget about the – you know – those temperatures we’re not talking about any more, because if we don’t talk about it anymore, they’ll go away.

While my mind is deep into Midnight Wilds, let me share more authors attending RAVE 2023.

If you’re in Vegas during this time, drop in and visit. I’ll be reading and signing this year.    Whether or not you’re attending the RAVE, check out the Facebook group to visit with all the authors and their books.

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  1. I won’t mention that word, LK. I wonder how anyone can stand it. My brother lives in N. Mexico and he only enjoys the outdoors before 9 a.m. and after sunset. It’s a bit extra balmy for outdoor art exhibitions. I hope 2024 is more conducive of a midday stroll.

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